Tatiana Smith


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“More Than A Designer”


Standing under a waterfall in Kindia, Guinea, West Africa


When people ask me ‘What do you do?’ I usually just tell them that I’m an artist.
It’s too limiting to confine myself to the solid box of “title” at “corporation” when I am constantly engaged in
a world of experiences day to day. Could I do that box thing? Sure. But I can do so much more.

For me, there’s a lot of left-brain critical thinking, unexpected ideas, and reasoning from an odd perspective.
Not everyone gets to the answer in the same fashion, and there is no wrong way to the right solution.  And I don’t
find it necessary to fit in with the crowd, because it’s much more fun to think and move differently.


I design, I paint, I travel, I run marathons. I’m a dancer, a teacher, a mother, an homeschool advocate, a doula and a community activist.
When I’m not creating digital things, you can find me writing, gardening, running a race, baking a pie,
or leading an African dance class in the park.